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May 02, 2008



I am so addicted to collecting reading glasses. Loving your new glasses. I was hoping they were from a website.

Karen B.

I also have a collection of glasses, which surprises people sometimes. I, in turn, ask them if they have only one pair of shoes. This, they understand.

BTW, is that Rowan wool cotton in the color 'Rich' in the top photo? Amazing how you found glasses to match your stash so well.


Hi it's Laura - the yarn is Karabells Aurora 8. I'm afraid we are a bit obsessed with it around here. It is our main 'go to' yarn.


i need to wear glasses for driving and watching tv, etc. and have worn contacts for years until recently when i started not being able to focus close-up. it's the one thing about getting older that's really annoyed me. but if i can go a little nuts with the reading glasses, maybe it won't be so bad.


You would like one of the yarn stores in my area. She has a big display of funky reading glasses at the checkout counter so that you can buy glasses to go with the knitting project!


Wow, they are beautiful. Hard to believe they're so inexpensive, what great finds!



Oh. My. Gawd. That is so freaking awesome. Matching sunglasses to fabric and yarn. Way too cool. Love love love.


A pair in every likely location is also a good idea: knitting chair, knitting bag, purse, living room, kitchen, home office, bedroom, etc. See, you really need all those pairs. TWO pairs per location if the husband needs readers too. Every reason to build up a good wardrobe of eye wear!


Try icueyewear.com for a great selection & funcky designs!

[Thanks Cyndi! I think. The designs are super cute. I see my red glasses there too. I may need to do a bit of online shopping today. Isn't Mothers' Day coming up?]

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I love, love, love that idea! I had to resort to (prescription) reading glasses a couple of years ago, when my arms became too short to read a menu or see a sock stitch. I consider myself much too young for this (I'm 38), but my eye doctor assures me that it is going to get much worse before stabilizing. I'm going to go treat myself to some new glasses right now!


So, where did you find fabric that was an exact match for the glasses?? Both pairs are great :)


Those are SO cute!!!!!

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