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May 23, 2008


Kim U

There are no charts? That's just plain crazy. And that many errata? Not good. Thanks for the review, always helpful to hear about this kind of stuff before I make an impulse buy at the book store.

Diana Loper

That's too bad. Looks like I'll be sticking with my Barbara Walker books for now.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

It must be bad if you actually got a note back from the publisher! What a disaster.


gah! i'm a sucker for stitch dictionaries but i'm glad i waited.

that bit about discouraging beginners from knitting with fuzzy or novelty yarns though isn't a bad idea, in general (not specifically with lace). but my advice tends to fall on deaf ears. oh well.


You know, I bought this book a while back and was disappointed as well -- though I didn't know it had so many errors, since I haven't used it yet! I was disappointed mainly because so many stitches are not really that lacy, or are retreads of stitches in the Barbara Walkers.


Umm, the lack of charts is excusable. But if the instructions are wrong, then no, htat is nto excusable! Not to mention a little consistency in instructions would be good. charts would have given you a hope in hell of figuring out that the instructions were wrong. But if a beginner picked this up as is? They would probably not knit again!


At the risk of ranting in your comments, can I just say: THANK YOU! I picked this one up in Barnes and Noble and thought, "Never hurts to have more than one stitchionary (or two or three)." But I put it back due its lack of consistency. Some of the photos were in one color while the facing page were in another or from a distance. I think that Vogue got it right in using the same color families for their books and keeping it consistent in that manner. I never even looked at charts or directions because it wasn't pleasing to the eye. There, I've said it . . . I was shallow.


Thanks for the review! I've been contemplating getting this book but I could never figure out if it had charts or not (I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately because of having a newborn--obviously I could have figured it out if I'd seen a copy of the book). No charts is a deal-buster for me, clinched by everything else you've written!

heather mcphee

i bought this book for myself for my birthday last year, and was really dissapointed at all the errata, but only recently (like today!) really started to use some of the stitches in the book... i started out wanting to knit the lacey diagonals stitch, and its totally wrong, the instructions dont even work!! and theres no errata for that... ive found a few more similar to that too, like the mesh lace, its written wrong in the book, and the errata is wrong too! i was quite shocked at that. personally i think this book needs to be completely rewritten. at least the candle flame stitch is correct, aside from "yf" meaning "yo".
anyways... aside from all my dissapointed rambling, do you know if any of the other harmony guides books are really weirdly or badly written like this one, or are they ok??
have you found anywhere where theres more (correct) errata for this book?
thanks for posing this blog, i actually found it looking for the errata PDF file and that got me thinking i should try out every stitch in the book and ive started, writing at the top wether or not its correctly written!!

*heart* heather ;)~


Heather - Now I am not only disappointed in the book but really mad they never bothered to publish the errors. I send a detailed note to the publisher and got a response back apologizing. I think I am now feeling compelled to write another or at least comment on Amazon again. I blistered them there! Laura


I also hate that the pictures are so close, as mentioned in the "rant", that you can't get a sense of what the design will look like over a knitted piece, whatever it is. It's nice to see the stitches, but come on! I did buy this one, but only because it was drastically reduced in price. I'd have never paid full price for it.

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