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April 12, 2008


Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oy. At least it looks great on your dad! I don't care for Encore, either. It reminds me of Wool-Ease, which I always think feels like plastic. You're better off with a superwash wool (my opinion), and there are lots of superwash wools available for the same price (or less) than Encore.


It looks beautiful!! And it fits him so well.


q wonderful sweater -despite it being an "accidental" gift to Dad.:-)
It looks great on him.


Your dad looks so happy in that photo! I don't care much for Encore but adore Galway, the 100% wool from Plymouth. I just wish it came in the same colors that Encore does.


Your father and Jason are two of the handsomest sweater-wearers I've seen. How rewarding to knit for them!


Isn't that what EZ advocated - knitting what you want to knit and then finding the right recipient? I think I've read that somewhere, and that she'd be pleased that you found the (lovely) sweater a good home!


It looks fantastic!

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