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April 02, 2008


Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

No one in my family knits. I learned to crochet from a friend's mom when I was a little girl, and then learned to knit when I was a foreign exchange student in Germany as a teenager. My family looks askance at my knitting as a waste of time.

Karen B.

I started to knit as a child, having been taught the basic cast on and knit stitch by my second grade teacher. I taught myself to crochet that same year by trial and error.

I didn't know anyone in my family knitted or crocheted until much later.


I'm surprised the mohair didn't scare you off again! that stuff is a PITA.


My mom's mother was a knitter, but she died when I was a baby and I never knew her. My mom knit when she was young, but stopped after she had children because she didn't have time. I taught myself to knit as an adult. Around the same time, my mom started knitting again as her first grandchild was due to be born. Now 4 years and 7 grandchildren later, we are both avid knittters. It's been a real bonding experience for us. I love that knitting is something we share.

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