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February 23, 2008



Me and Maya stopped by your booth yesterday but we missed you and Measure by five minutes! Maybe we'll meet next year.


Your booth looks cute, & so does Measure! I finished my socks out of the red alpaca, and I'm almost done with my monkey socks, can't wait to show you!

Karen B.

Bella is looking good! Congrats on being mobbed (in a good way).


I hope that your weekend was awesome!

Miss Scarlett

"Hooray for mobs of knitters! It's really nice to be able to walk through a whole crowd of people and know that not a single one of them thinks you are crazy for being excited about yarn."

So totally true - and one of the best things about fibre fests.

Measure looks right at home in a box of yarn!


That looks like so much fun. All that yarny goodness!!


Just got home from Stitches - your booth was wonderful! Beautiful yarns, great patterns, super-nice helpful staff, especially your young lady! Thank you for a great shop. Look forward to seeing you again.


Found your booth via Ravelry's Passport; bought some yarn but didn't stay long; received your "How to care for your hand knit gift" card; then went to the web site; WOW! Love what I see.


What is it with kids & boxes? Can't someone do a study on that?

Can't wait to see that hat pattern. I've never tried a brioche pattern.

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