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February 12, 2008



It's sooo pretty. I carried the yarn I got for Christmas around for days...

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

That's looks startling like the cake of Fleece Artist bfl that is sitting next to me as I type, waiting to be made into...something. Is that the Paris colorway?


It's luscious. thank you for the stunning photo - now I will run off and attempt to find a bit for myself :-)
It would look great knit up in Anne's pattern called "Gust"


aww, it is so beautiful wound in the photo! i love the way it looks!


I think we have all carried around that special something at times. How else coule we admire it, love it and let it know how much we appreciate that it exists?


that's a fabulous looking yarncake! look at the way the strands cross over like that!


Oh my! That is lovely. Whatever will you do with it?

Clumsy Knitter

Hey you two. I got tagged and I just want you to know that you Make My Day!

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