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January 19, 2008



Both of those Sundara yarns look absolutely gorgeous! As for twin gifts...stuffed toys? In coordinating coloours? Or maybe a blankie for each that they could drag around (eventually) like Linus?


For the fraternal twins: How about a the same hat/cardigan sweater set knit in checks and stripes of the same colors BUT sequence the colors differently. They will be the same, but not identical! (like the "quad socks" in The Knitting Way book).



As the mom of fraternal twins, nothing even remotely the same is very nice and much appreciated. Trust me, it will be many months before your friend goes through all of her slightly matching outfits. She'll treasure your gift of non-related outfits all that much more. When the girls were little, I would cringe when putting them in the same or similar outfits. They had their own personalities as infants and I wanted them to be seen as such. Why not a simple raglan cardigan and a hat for one and a hooded sweater for the other in different colors?

Love the Sundara yarns. I've never used their product before, but it seems as if they have nailed the reds . . . a challenge for any yarn.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Blankies. I'm big on blankies, since my ten-year old still loves the blankie I made when I was pregnant with him, and insists I repair any damage immediately. He's my wild, sloppy, careless child, so his special attention to that blankie is very unusual, and touching.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Hey, you got an award! Details on my blog :)

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Hey, you got an award! Details on my blog :)


I just love Sundara yarns... so if you decide that for some reason you need to part with one of those luscious deep red beauties, well, you know my number (grins huge)

I'd knit baby hats. there is a cute one that someone I know makes that has a viking theme (geee... guess who that could be - laughter here) or you could also check out the sweet little bunny ear ones in Itty bitty knits. fast and easy.
have a safe trip to Stitches if I don't chat with you before then.


I would suggest baby blankets also. That sure is a gift, that will keep for months even years (once they outgrow the blankies they can use it for their dolls/stuffed animals to wrap up). You could even start knitting right away with unisex colors like mint or yellow if your friend likes those and embroider the first initial for the final touch.

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