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December 08, 2007



I am so jealous! Currently, if I just want to wind a ball from skein form, I can use my chair in the living room. To use the swift and the ball winder (the most used way), I have to set of the ironing board, use one foot to steady it, and wind away. Not so fun! Then, to add insult to injury, Veronica was lazily spinning the ball winder and it fell off and the handle broke. Santa, I've been a reasonably good girl this year. I'd really like a table like this one.

La Cabeza Grande

I completely understand the search for the perfect surface. I found mine atop the bedroom dresser, of all places. Now the ball winder is always at the ready on the edge of the dresser and the swift (a tabletop variety) is tucked away nearby.


Sounds like the holy grail of tables! I have to clamp the winder and swift on a chair. Awkward.....

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