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December 30, 2007



I love this! Thanks for posting!!


Oooh...this is too cute! I love the Malabrigo. Thanks for the 'recipe'! :)


Sarah, what a great idea! I have a few skeins of handspun that would work so well for this pattern! Thank you for sharing!

Miss Scarlett

I am so going to make this!

Karen B.

What a wonderful recipe! I'll have to queue this up right away.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

pat h

Cute idea! Your picture looks so comfortable.

I count only 21 sts in the buttonhole row, and the garter stitch border is missing on the far side. I would finish with p3,K2 instead of p4.

Happy New Year


So simple/pretty!

I wish I had found this yesterday! I spent more time than necessary (flu-addled brain) trying to sort out the button/buttonhole placement for a scarflet I was making!


I'm confused?

Row 1: knit 2, slip marker, purl to next marker, slip marker, knit 2.

Have I already placed the next marker? How many stitches am I purling?


So adorable! So perfect for a Seattlite!


I really love this scarflet. Which weight yarn did you use to make it - worsted or bulky? Thanks.


I found this blog through a link on the Worsted Witch. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. It's lovely.

Shira @ Living In My Own World

Hey, this is a wonderful idea!!!! Genius even....

I wish I knew how to make this :(



This is a great pattern! I'm about to start this now. How much yardage did you use??


I love this pattern! I have made 3 scarflets from this pattern already. Question though: in the pattern

"work buttonhole row on an even-numbered row as follows:"

Should it be on an odd numbered row? I did 2 of my scarfs like the pattern, but on my 3rd one I did it on an odd numbered row instead. This way I don't have the purled bumps on the front of the scarf between the buttons holes. or is that how it is suppose to be?


This pattern is fantastic! I used a mustard yellow worsted wool with walnut buttons, it looks super modern and feels delicious!

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