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December 04, 2007



a few years ago, while at dinner with friends, they discussed with me sitting there right in front of them, whether i was a geek, a dork, or a nerd and concluded that i was mostly likely a geek. i was too smart to be a dork, too social to be a nerd.


As a geeky nerdy girl I was a magnet for every geeky nerdy boy. If only I had married one of them, I would be the rich wife (ex-wife?), as they all went on to do very well for themselves. I get my geek on as a tax preparer in between teaching statistics and yarn stashing.


Hehehe...I don't mind being a geek either, these days. But definitely not when I was growing up. I would have been horrified.

Congrats on the win! Great prizes.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

There's a very simple two-word explanation for nerdiness being cool these days: Bill Gates.

(I want to have t-shirts made for all those skinny, glasses-wearing, brainiac little boys that read, "Bill Gates was a nerd, too." Not just because my son is one of them. But mostly.)

Tracy J

So cool! Getting stuff in the mail is fun. I was obsessed with watching that show for years. I collected the Barbie as Scully and Ken as Mulder dolls, as well as the movie figurines. I'm so geeky, I wouldn't know where to start telling ya.

Miss Scarlett

Yay! You got your gifties - I'm so pleased.

And glad you noticed that the yarn was Scarlett O'hara - I was so excited when I found that line.

It's really hip to be geeky -- not too sure if I'm that hip or not...most people that know me probably think the knitting and the blog qualify me for geek-dom.

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