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October 09, 2007


Mardi Andrews

Your instructions are the best of many, many that I have read explaining provisional casting on. thank you.

Ashley Farmer

I was just wondering if I could link your wonderful tutorial in a pattern I plan to sell? Thank you!

Gramma E

May I suggest different colors for your tutorials. Please use light color yarns and a dark background. It will help see the stitches that are demonstrated.

I have been looking for a provisional for some time, but haven't found one that I could figure out. Yours is great. I knit premie hats for hospitals and want to knit one that has ribs. I plan on grafting the CO and BO ends together for a better look.

Gramma E


Here we are in 2010 and yours was the first tut i tried on Google! and what a laugh , I took your good advice on the wine too. I hate ribbing and as I want to make a fair isle pattern am not sure about the ribbing at this stage, so this leaves me heaps of time to see what will be best after knitting all the pieces. Thanks :)


such perfect instructions and pictures--thanks!


i'm in the process of learning how to knit and have a few projects under my belt but i never really understood how to do a provisional cast-on until now. your instructs rock very very hard. thanks for being awesome! http://www.mediafiretorrent.com


thank you! this is the best tutorial for crochet provisional cast on i've seen. it's the only one i managed to understand.


This is the BEST method I have seen for this method of casting on. Thank you so much!!


Thank you!


Thank you! This was very easy to follow.

Patricia Behrens

Thanks for your clear concise instructions. I will pass these on to my knitting group. Yes! a wine wouldn't go amiss.
Posted by Patricia Behrens
Nelson, South Island NZ

Junior's mom

I got lost at Step 7 - "I was boring and just knit a few rows of stockinette and bound off" Did you bind off after a couple of rows of stockinette because this was just an example, or do we always have to bind off before continuing to knit our piece?


Just what I was looking for! Delighted!!

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