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October 09, 2007



Thanks for posting this - tonight I was planning on trying to find a good tutorial for a provisional cast-on. This is clearer than anything else I've seem :-)


... anything else I've seen *grin*! So much for my spelling.


Thanks for the nice pictorial tutorial! Of course, where were you yesterday when I cast on for my sweater using a different provisional technique?

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Marvelous, wonderful tutorial on a technique that is very hard to explain in words. May I link to it on my blog?


Thank you for this wonderful tutorial :-)



Thank you for another great tut. I could use this for my first shawl.


What timing! I am looking at a pattern that calls for a provisional cast-on, and now I know it'll be that much easier.


Thanks for this tutorial. I've wanted to see the provisional cast on. The pictures and instructions are very concise.


Me again... just thought I'd let you know that it worked, and it unzipped beautifully! Thanks again!!


What a GREAT tutorial. Definitely the best one I've seen. Thanks!


Thanks so much for posting this. These are super clear and has taken so much of the confusion out of provisional cast on. I'm ever grateful!!


I just did a google search for "provisional cast on" and your site was the only one that actually showed how to make a crochet chain. Thanks so much for the great tutorial!


THANK YOU! I live 50 miles out in the county from a yarn shop. To be able to get help when I need it is vital and this is invaluable! We do have a knitting group but only meet once a week. I needed this cast on to start a new lace scarf project and I am thankful!


i'm in the process of learning how to knit and have a few projects under my belt but i never really understood how to do a provisional cast-on until now. your instructs rock very very hard. thanks for being awesome!


Thanks, your tutorial is very helpful.


Thank you for this excellent tutorial. Great pictures, too.


First a afternoon of frustration. Then moments after finding this tutorial. success!


awesome descriptions and pictures. i looked at several other and didn't get it. now i do...Thanks!


As in all the other comments...you saved me! This is so easy...I tried for way to long to do this another way. Brilliant:)


Thanks for this tutorial. I needed to do this cast-on, for a new project, and didn't know how. As with the previous post, I finally found someone willing to show the cast-on method using the already crocheted chain! All the others were showing the other way, which is not what my pattern called for. Thanks again, since I needed to know WHERE to knit into the chain stitches.

C. Singhal


Delightful instructions. Thanks!

Judy Shumaker

I have tried the directions in every book I own to do this cast-on, with no success. Your instructions are a life-saver - now I can start my sweater! Thanks!


Easy peasy now! Thankyou so much


Great tutorial...clear, concise..so easy to follow.


Thank you very much for your nice photos and the clear instructions. I only knew that there was "something with a crochet chain".
I think I must have asked about a thousand people but nobody could explain me how it was supposed to work. By chance I found your site this evening and now everything is clear to me. Thank you again, but now I must rush - to cast on...

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