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September 21, 2007


Karen B.

Lovely footwear, Sarah! Thanks so much for giving us the recipe :o)


Gorgeous pattern. definitely on my to-do list. I found this on ravelry, and was intrigued as I studied synesthesia at university and found it to be a fascinating condition, so i wondered what a synesthetic sock would be like!

Kim U

Fun - thanks for sharing the pattern!


Ahhh ha! There it is, the pattern I've been waiting for. Not *too* girly, not super complicated... it's perfect for my Hogwarts SS2 pal. Thanks Sarah! :)


What a lovely pattern! Thanks for sharing.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Thanks for the pattern! I'm going to start it as soon as I finish Icarus.

Is it synesthesia when I hear my children bickering but feel a hot knife in my brain?


Since I'm a synestetic (I taste textures) I simple must do these socks. I'mn thinking something like a soft handspun merino is in order. Merino tends towards vanillia for me.


Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful pattern with all of us in Knit Blog land. I appreciate it very much.


I'm synesthetic too...I relate feelings, tastes, emotions, sounds to colours. It's complex and confusing. I used to really baffle doctors when I went in describing pain in my stomach that began as blue and radiated to pink at the edges. :)

I'm so going to knit these socks.


I love this pattern - it's gorgeous. I'm unable to print it from the blog. Is there any way you could e-mail me a copy or point me to somewhere on the web where it is not part of your blog?


i have a frind who has this "brain bonus" i am very envious of it of course. she is one of my favourite people to listen to music with, so she can tell me the colours. or what colour someone's name is.
i have yarn that says my name in colours. :-)


really pretty socks! I've added them to my queue and can't wait to cast them on.



Here I was browsing Ravelry, came across the picture of the sock , loved it and it's by you!
I think this will be the perfect 2nd sock set for me!


I love these socks! I want to knit them right away, but I cant print it with the chart. Any suggestions? Thanks!


What a neat pattern! I'm totally obsessed with blue right now, so, looks like a lovely pattern. I'm thinking of maybe a fluid blue-grey color, very subtle, something like that.


very cute

tea and cake

Thank you so much for this pattern - I now have the yarn to knit it in, too!


I just finished knitting up a version of these socks--I did some small changes to suit my preferences--and I have to say, quite a blast. Thanks for sharing! You can see mine at http://domiknitrix.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/socks-altered-synesthesia-pattern/


Just came across your duplicate stitching tutorial and saw this link in the sidebar. I'm a number-form synesthete, and I can't wait to do these! Thanks for the pattern!

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