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August 18, 2007


Clumsy Knitter

Oooh...I've never gotten into sewing, but I probably could with a stash like that! I love your taste!

Karen B.

Those are simply divine, Miss Sarah! Love those colors and patterns.

Sorry about your socks. Let's assume they got lost in the mail as long as your pal says they were sent.


The bottom Amy Butler fabric is one of my all time favs!


lovely fabric. love all the fun patterns. reminds me of maritza and her softies. your blanket looks wonderful and very user-friendly. your neighbor is lucky to have you.


Wow, thanks for advertising my yarn. =) I REALLY appreciate it! I'll dye you up some Nagini just for you. I'm actually going to be putting up autumn inspired colourways on the 24th. You may like them. I'm also going to be dying up some more rovings. I'll dye up some Nagini roving for you if you want. I'll knit you a pair of socks, if your socks don't come. =P It'd be fun. =)


Luscious. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

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