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August 12, 2007


Miss Scarlett

Mmmm that salad looks delicious.

And so does your sock (oh god, thank goodness I check before I sent this -- sock had been written with a 'c' first!)
Cashmere - how decadent. I love the plain jane look. Let us know how 300 is. I'm torn.


Mmmm, pesto....Gotta go harvest some of my basil...kbye


The only year in which I actually knit presents, I started in August. Worked beautifully-- all done by October 1. Then I nearly forgot to wrap and box them in time to mail them so that they would arrive BEFORE December 25. . .

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)s

Cashmere socks. That must be the ultimate in decadence. My toes are quivering.


Wow! I applaud you for starting your gift knitting so soon :) and those socks will be one decadent gift!

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