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August 09, 2007


Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh--duplicate stitch, as in, follow the existing stitch! Sometimes the obvious eludes me. Thanks for the tutorial. It seems pretty simple.


Nice tutorial. Thanks for the pictures!

Karen B.

Another well documented and easy to follow tutorial! This one gets the bookmark, too.


Your tutorials are always so nicely done! Mind if I link to it?

Miss Scarlett

I love how your tutorials simplify things! So clear and well photographed.
Thank you!


Thanks for the tutorial. I'll definitely be trying this. I tried duplicate stitch last week to correct an error on an intarsia jumper and made it up as I went - man was I off. Your way is MUCH easier!


Thank you so much for this information! I was worried it was going to be some hugely complex process...the obvious eludes me sometimes. I have bookmarked your site for future reference!
Thanks again!!!


hi bella, I will try the duplicate stitch with the words Red Sox. You have been a big help. I copied your work that you sent to me. thank you, jane


it really seems very nice. i like it. i also want to do this. I knitted a blanket. it has 160 spaces and i want to write Sweet Dreams( in duplicate stitch) but do not know how to make a graph. I am not very particular but just want that the words should be readable. if u can pl guide me.


this is sunita again. i want to write the words sweet dreams in duplicate stitch which i also learnt from your tutorial. since the baby
blankie is complete and i want to give it to my grandson before christmas i will really appreciate if you could guide me with making a graph.


Love the tuturial for duplicate stitch... I hope you don't mind, I linked to it for one of my free patterns here: http://myknittingbasket.blogspot.com/2009/11/owl-coffee-cup-cozie.html

Cotton Tapestries

i will use this for my next knitting class. this is a very good tutorial.

Kiki B

I've been knitting for 22 years, but this is my first time trying duplicate stitch - however, it's the perfect way to add patterning to the foot of a sock without all the bulk of working the whole foot in stranded colorwork. Thanks for the tutorial.

D. Renton

Thanks so much for this tutorial. It seems to be a neat way to add designs to a pattern without a big mess of yarn on the back. I have a design I've created that is 64x64 at 5sts per inch, is there a size limitation for duplicate stitch. How do you know when to use dupllicate stitch versus intarsia? Thanks again. D. Renton

Sad Newbie

I'm completely lost. My stitches don't look like V's. My scarf is all in garter stitch and I want to do a pattern over the top, but this tutorial is not helping me. I tried to do it anyway and ended up snagging my stitches and making a hole in my scarf that I can't fix. What kind of stitching did you do to create a V in the first place? Stockinette? What am I supposed to do since my stitches don't look like yours? Is this tutorial just for stockinette and no good for garter stitches? So many questions, no answers. I'm off to find a page that actually helps me, but first I have to knit a new scarf. :(


Sad Newbie, try Google.

Great tutorial. Very helpful. Answered all of my questions and even made it look easy. Thank you!

ניתוחים פלסטיים בצפון

Nice stitch tutorial. I like this pattern shared by you here that is the name of baby in one planed cloth with perfect match color.

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