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August 11, 2007


Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I love to decorate, and I immediately clicked on that picture for a bigger view. You have great light coming into that room, and I love the light, calm colors you're using. Is that striped, silky-looking fabric for the drapes? It's perfect with your wall color.

Miss Scarlett

It is so true what the Yarnhog says.

I love what you are painting - I just hate measuring! Which is why I knit, and not sew. Although, those knitters out there who trust the math are likely keeling over from sucking in too deep a breath and oxygenating too rapidly.

I also unwind by gardening, sudoku, time outdoors and walking my pup. Oh, and reading. Reading books that is - I find that blog reading can actually send me off in other tangents that take away from relaxation -- though maybe it is just another type of relaxation come to think of it...

I cannot wait to see your new living room!

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