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August 02, 2007


Karen B.

Perfect! And so easy to place your stitches! Thank you, Sarah.


that's awesome. thanks for the idea. it's not something i would have thought of but it's certainly very easy.


Oooh I'm going to remember that! I've done quite a few little baby sweaters in SS...and you could easily do an initial.


Now this is a very useful tutorial. Thanks for sharing!


can't wait to try this...will definitely be good for kiddy knits.


So simple and so cleaver! Anxious to use this on my knitting projects for my granddaughter.

boutique de laine

unfortunately very beautiful :)thank you very much for informing to me :) good work.


this is awesome! I'm so happy to know that I don't have to plan things into the pattern if I can just go back and crochet it instead. Whew, thanks!

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