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August 08, 2007



I've heard about using elastics as markers. Haven't needed to yet, but it's worth remembering. Must remember to write this one down in my knitting book when I get home from work!


I have an electric toothbrush. The replacement heads come with little plastic rings to color code the brushes but I'm the only one using it so I don't need to bother. Yup, I use the rings as stitch markers - bright colors, thin plactic.

The other nifty thing I have is a gift from a friend. Her husband does fly fishing and for tournaments they use these cute little cases to hold the flies. Well the case is also great for carrying an assortment of markers and keeping them sorted. It's in my knitting bag right now.


Do these rings stop the wandering yarnover? I hate when it seems to jump over the stitch marker and mess up the pattern repeat.


I have used hooked earrings as stich markers.. esp those that have lost its pair!


I like the use of a martini glass as a marker holder, Laura! I store all of my dpns in a little vase filled with those decorative glass pebbles you can buy at craft stores. The pebbles keep the dpns elevated enough that I can reach them easily. I also have a pair of scissors handy in the same vase -- otherwise I'd never be able to find them when I need them!


Very creative idea.


My goodness, what a great idea! I'm always looking for those little bastards. Perfect!

Miss Scarlett


And I love the comment about dpn's and scissors in a vase filled with glass pebbles. Decorative and practical. Annnnnd you could Martha Stewart up the next Stitch n Bitch with vases like that.


and to think i still just use pieces of contrasting yarn. whenever i cut off the little bits of extra yarn after weaving in tails, i put them in a baggie and then i always have a supply of contrasting yarn for stitch markers. there are always enough colors to code anything i need to code. right now i'm doing the rusted root and i have lime green yarn markers on either side of the lace (get it, lime/lace?). love the inexpensive solution!


I love using neon straws. Sit down for a minute cut up a straw and you have at least 20 markers. Cheap and you can get hundreds by the box.

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