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July 31, 2007



I cast on for new projects all the time! haha! Really, I do the same thing with grabbing yarn and needles and just knitting - no end project in mind. Recently I grabbed a crochet hook. I discovered that Manos is really gorgeous when crocheted. I didn't come up with a pattern I loved, so I ripped, but now I'm putting that So Called Scarf on the backburner in favor of crochet. Go figure.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

They're called meteors out in space, and meteorites once they hit the earth (courtesy of my science-obsessed 10-year-old son.)

Is that an Ashford Traditional?

I find that creativity generally seizes me and forces my hand, whether it's gardening, decorating, knitting, or writing. There's always something (often several things) trying to get out.

Recently, a neighbor commented that she doesn't understand how someone who is obviously an artist ended up being a lawyer. Stopped me dead in my tracks, because I have never taken art at all seriously, and certainly never thought of it in connection with myself. Maybe the result of growing up in a family of scientists/engineers. (Which I am absolutely not.)


Your photo choice is perfect for me: the verb I need to enact on a more regular basis is "spin." Once I've hit upon a spinning project, I'm obsessed (2000 yards of fingering-weight three-ply for an Aran? Coming right up!), but otherwise, I let dust accumulate on the wheel. I need to be take a page out of the writers' book and spin a little every day.


I usually have to leave the house. Anywhere in nature lets me unwind enough to let those creative juices flowing. I always travel with a little sketchpad and baggie of colored pencils to doodle with. But you are right with all the demands of life, work, school, kids, hubby, bills, housework blah, blah, blah, it is hard to have space in our lives to create. Great reminder! thanks.

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