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July 09, 2007



Awesome! Thanks for the tip!


I was wondering how it was done, thanks for the tutorial!


Wow, so simple and yet revolutionary! Sadly, my MS3 will be beadless...but I'll use this technique for the next opportunity.


Ooooh cool! Thanks for the tutorial. Now what can I add beads to???? *sounds of stash tossing*


Woah. That's amazing.

Kim U

MS3 is my first beading experience and the crochet beading has been going pretty well. I keep misplacing the tiny crochet hook though!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, well, that's so painfully simple I don't know why I haven't been beading all along. Thanks for the tutorial.

Little Red

That's completely brilliant! I don't have any beaded-knitting projects in the works, because the old methods drove me crazy, but now I'm going to go looking for one to start. Thanks! (I'm here via craftzine.com's blog, by the way.)


Wow, that is really neat! Thank you.


That's so pretty, I'll have to learn to do this for all the Xmas scarfs I'm going to make!


Thanks for the tutorial. This is especially helpful since the Mystery Stole #3 is well on it's way with 6700 knitters signed up! Btw, even though I lurk here on a regular basis, I saw this linked from the Craft magazine blog. Woot!

Miss Scarlett

Oh! That looks so easy.
Thank you!
I hadn't even bothered looking up a tutorial because it sounded so hard. I really love this approach.
Wow. I am so doing it that way.
Thanks again.


wow that rocks!!!! and haven't tried beading with my knitting because of all the stringing and all involved!! this is amazing!!! thanks so much!!! hugs Linda


wow, that is really great to know. Thanks! I actually have a bunch of tiny crochet hooks- I think the last person who lived in this house left them, eight years ago, and I've kept them ever since, and never used them! I've never tried beads in knitting precisely because pre-stringing seemed like such a hassle. But now I have no such qualms!

the Lady

OMG! I'm so glad you posted this, I was just contemplating the need for bead-stringing. This is perfect, thank you! I like your book meme, by the way, I boosted it from Librarian Knits.

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