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June 26, 2007


Clumsy Knitter

Oh gosh, I HAVE to finish what I started. It might take much longer than I ever expected, but I feel too guilty about wasting yarn to stop! I frogged one thing once and still have a pile of crimped yarn that I haven't figured out what to do with yet.


I usually have to frog my UFOs becos I'm tired of the project and ir's been too long to even remember where I am on the knitting!

Watch out for the Prairie Tunic - it's coming out a bit bigger for a few people. The gauge for the lace knitting is slightly bigger. Check out Julia's blog at mindofwinter.prettyposies.com


I always *intend* to finish my UFOs. Given the quantity of UFOs I have this my be a tad unrealistic.


Not sure, at the moment I have my most UFO's ever....3. Not counting the two I am working on. I think I will finish them. We'll have to wait and see, I guess...


Sadly, I usually finish my UFOs only after much internal bitching. They linger so long that I sometimes have to spend a day figuring out where I am because I never think I am going to put them aside for that long . . . but I do!


LOL You mean that tottering pile of discombobulated bags over there in the corner of my studio threatening to spill over onto the floor? Are those the UFOs you're referring to? Oh, wait a moment, those are WIPs, no really, they are ;)

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I finish most of my projects within a month of starting them, but occasionally I realize a project won't fit/is ugly/has a problem I can't fix. Those usually get stuffed in the back of the yarn closet, often for years, until I can no longer ignore their mocking voices. Then I frog them. Once in a while, I actually resurrect, rip, and reknit a project into something I like. I've done that twice in the past six months, and they're two of my favorite sweaters.

Karen B.

I've decided to start small with my UFOs: I will knit mates to single socks. Then, we'll see about that beaded wrap, abandoned more than a year ago :o)

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