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June 29, 2007



funny how those impulse purchases work out, eh? I like the bronze ones with the brown yarn a lot...

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I am loving those beads with that yarn. I haven't tried knitting with beads yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


I love your choice of beads versus the color of yarn. This should work up very nicely.

Heres to plenty of stitches and no dropped ones!


Miss Scarlett

I love the impulse buy beads - they DO catch the light in a fantastic way.

I had meant to read up about how to put the bead onto the stitch with the crochet hook well before the first clue came but...here I am not knowing at all and it is time to begin.
All part of the adventure I am sure!

Have fun.


love the new beads. lovely! can't wait to see the mystery stole.

Karen B.

I like the coppery / amber ones too! Nice choice.

Thanks for the earworm: La-dee-da-dee-dee. La-dee-da-dee-da.

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