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May 18, 2007


Suzanne V.

During my last cabling marathon (an all-over cable sweater for my large--50" chest--brother), I learned to cable without a cable needle, and my whole life changed. That may be an overstatement. But I love to cable, and working without a cable needle is at least twice as fast, and incredibly satisfying. If you've never tried it and would like to, I learned from Grumperina's tutorial (in the sidebar on her blog). It's marvelous.


Neither, I'm afraid; I cable without a cable needle. It's fast and I like not having to reach for an extra tool every time.

Lovely bag!


I love the perfect set up! Thanks to Suzanne and Molly for their no-cable needles comments. This was Part 1 of my cable post. Guess what Part 2 is?! You got it - cabling without cable needles! It's all done and ready to post next week. I have not read Grumperina's tutorial but I certainly will now! Thanks for visiting...


I actually prefer cabling without the needle (it was the only way to do Shedir), but some projects require it like the Rockin' Sock Clubs Inside Out sock. There was no conceivable way to cable it without the needle. I always have to remember the scene from "JFK" in which Kevin Costner says, "Back and to the left" to remember that to get a cable going to the left, you dip into the back of the second or whatever stitch.


I cable without a needle for small cables (2x2 usually) and I don't know what Grumperina says but I taught myself. I'll be interested to see what your post has to say!

When I do use a cable hook, I knit directly from there, none of this transferring-back business ;)


Originally due to an amazing superhuman ability to lose all cable needles by the second row, I learned to cable without a cable needle and I will never go back!


Depends on the project -- as Ava said, Shedir just doesn't really need the needle at all -- but when I use a cable needle, I usually transfer back. For some reason, I just feel that it's tidier if I transfer back before knitting those stitches.


I didn't know you were supposed to put the stitches back on the left needle! So I guess that's a yes, I always knit off the cable needle.

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