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April 25, 2007



I was just thinking about this the other day. This fall will mark 4 years since we moved from Chicago to Nashville. In the past 4 years, when people have asked where I am from, I have replied, "Currently living in TN, but from Chicago." I think I am ready to make the switch. But I will always be a Chicagoan.


Your posts are often inspirational to me as a knitter, but are always an inspiration as a blogger! What a great idea! I may have to copy it- there have been huuuuge differences between the yarn stores VT, NJ, NY and CO that I never even considered before. Thanks for a great post.

Karen B.

Hmm. Sense of place (and how it changes us or we change within it) is an interesting concept. Thanks for giving us food for thought.

p.s. Greetings from your former hometown, Chicago!


First: I've been saying I'm 29 for eight years, so saying you're "new" to California doesn't pose a moral dilemma for me. It's just a matter of perspective: compared to my 80-year-old father, I'm 29 (more or less). Compared to, say, the giant sequoias, you're new to California.

Second: I'm a native of San Diego, and at least one evening a week on the news, I hear about a crime committed in a neighborhood I have never heard of ("...and there was a multiple stabbing in Golden Hill today..."), so don't feel too bad if you still don't know everything after a few years.

Third: I've lived in seven different cities in four different countries, and the universal constant is that the knitters are wonderful everywhere.

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