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February 15, 2007



Ooh, will you be selling this as a kit? That's a great idea! Every time I want to knit a bag of my own design, the idea of buying fabric for the lining, finding straps and feet just exhausts me... I'd have to go to 3 different stores!

Karen B.

Oh, very nice! I especially like the green one.


Reply to Veronique:
Thanks for the comment! You are the perfect 'straight man' since that is exactly why we put everything together for our customers. Convenience. We will be selling purse parts: straps, magnet snaps (since they are so hard to find individually) and feet. I had not thought about the fabric since every purse is a different size but maybe we can develop a few sizes and put it all together. The other parts should be on line next week but since we are all at Stitches there won't be any one to ship till the week after!


what a fabulous photo that is! AND a gorgeous purse design as well.
I agree - many rounds of applause to the photographer :-)


this is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your booth next week at Stitches!

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